Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Postal FAQs

Ans.- A student would receive the first package in a week after successful payment is confirmed by the bank.

Ans.- The student would receive the receipt by email for online payment. The receipt would be sent by post along with the first package for demand draft payments.

Ans.- You can change the postal address by communicating to us on, quoting your admission number in the correspondence.

Ans.- The schedule of the study material is distributed through the period of August 2016 to June 2017. The sequence of books would be couriered after it is updated based on the past years papers. Read more....

Ans.- Vajiram & Ravi’s office in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi is the only source of purchasing study material. A student can buy study material either by visiting the office or online on

Ans.- The study material sold under Vajiram & Ravi's name in photocopy shops and online sites are not verified by us and we cannot confirm that the material is the same as what we give out to our students. So, they could be spurious and fake material sold under our banner, which will cause harm to a students' preparation. Only study material sold at Vajiram & Ravi's office at old Rajinder Nagar,New Delhi and are authentic and verified by us.

Ans.- The student may use Visa or Master card powered debit card or credit card of any bank to pay Online for the postal course. Debit cards that are sourced through visa electron or mestro card etc are not allowed.

Ans.- Yes, the whole amount for postal coaching is to be paid in full.

Ans.- Most of the books cater to both the Prelim and Main Exams. However, there are few books that cater to only the four G.S Main papers.

Ans.- The postal course is directed towards the Prelim and Main exams, held in a year. For the year 2016, the Prelim cum Main G.S study material would be circulated upto June 2017. Those students, who wish to extent their attempts to 2018, can contact the office by, enquiring about the updated material for the next year.

Ans.- The period between July 2016 to June 2017 contains relevant information to be followed under current affairs. Hence, the subscription period would be open between this period and student applying at a later month would receive the previous magazines from July 2016 to June 2017.

Ans.- Yes, the postal coaching fee would not include the postal charges. However, this process is to be decided by the student at the time of application to the correspondence/postal course.

Ans.- The student can discontinue and cancel the postal course only within a week of joining the postal course, after which the admission would not be cancelled. Also, study material once dispatched will not be taken back, even if it is unused by the student.

Ans.- Class notes and handouts are given exclusively to classroom coaching students and would not be available for postal coaching students.

Ans.- The current affairs magazine is printed and ready for circulation by day 12th of every month. The student should receive the magazine by day 16th of every month.

Ans.- We have postal coaching only for Public Administration optional subject. At present we do not have study material for other optional subjects, in spite of them being taught as part of classroom course at Vajiram & Ravi.

Ans.- The exhaustive study material has been prepared by subject experts based on the demand of this exam and past years’ question papers. However, it is difficult to exactly determine the syllabus of the Civil Services Exam and it would be obscure for any study material to claim that it completely fulfills the needs of this exam.

Ans.- At present we do not have an evaluation process. However, we would be soon beginning a evaluation process for postal course students. Students, who are unable to join the classroom coaching in New Delhi, can evaluate themselves using the Online Tests, Answer writing practice, weekly articles and email support to help out in their preparation.