Classroom - GS Mains Test Series

by Vajiram & Ravi

Classroom - GS Mains Test Series

Vajiram & Ravi will conduct classes before each unit test on the specified topics that include Geography, Social Issues, Indian Polity, Governance, Indian Economy, Sci & Tech, Security Issues, Ethics & International Relations by covering only the latest developments that have taken place in the past year. The teachers will also discuss the possible questions that can be asked at the end of each topic and give you the structure of the answers for the questions discussed. Thereafter, the test is conducted based on the topics discussed in the class so as to encourage you to write answers. On completion of the eight unit tests, you will realise that you have not only been brought “up to date” in terms of knowledge on the various topics of the G.S.syllabus, but have also grown in confidence to write answers in an organised manner. The model answers given after the test will further help you to cement your answer writing skill.

Also the programme will involve “ mentoring “ sessions where students can meet their mentors with their evaluated answer booklets for further improvements. We intend to take you through stages to perfect your answer writing skills. Enjoy the process of learning your answer writing exercise.

All the Best!

Test No.

Test Date (Time: 5 pm to 8 pm)


Test – 1

15th October 18 (Monday)

Geography and Society 10 Q

Test – 2

29th October 18 (Monday)

Polity and Governance 10 Q

Test – 3

12th November 18 (Monday)

Economy, Science & Technology 10 Q

Test – 4

26th November 18 (Monday)

Ethics Aptitude 10 Q

Test – 5

10th December 18 (Monday)

History 10 Q

Test – 6

24th December 18 (Monday)

International Relation & Social Justice 10 Q

Test – 7

7th January 19 (Monday)

Environment, Disaster Management and Security 10 Q

Test – 8

21st January 19 (Monday)

Ethics Administration 10 Q

Test – 9

4th February 19 (Monday)

(Full G.S. Paper-I) 20 Q

Test – 10

18th February 19 (Monday)

(Full G.S. Paper-II) 20 Q

Test – 11

4th March 19 (Monday)

(Full G.S. Paper- III ) 20 Q

Test – 12

18th March 19 (Monday)

(Full G.S. Paper--IV) 20 Q

Repeat Test Time (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm), during the week of the Test (Tuesday-Saturday)
Classroom Course Fee Rs. 11,500/-
  • About 15 classes before the Tests.
  • Duration Mid : 15th October 2018 to March 2019.
  • Sectional Tests are of 100 marks and Full Test are of 250 marks.
  • Changes in the Test Schedule may be made due to unforeseen circumstances with or without any prior notice. The Institute shall not be responsible for any loss or liability suffered by the students arising out of such adjustments in the Schedule.
  • Fee to be paid by :-
    Credit Card / Debit Card or Demand Draft favouring VAJIRAM & RAVI payable at Delhi.
  • Students are mandatory to bring an Identity Proof during admission.